Leadership Course

This is the virtual site of the Washington-Ireland Leadership Training Program.
WIP Interns will be assigned student accounts on Blackboard.Com and will log on to the course from this page.

Welcome to Life, Language and Leadership -- a special course in leadership education. This course teaches students how to lead by teaching them how to speak a new language, the language of possibility, and by inviting them to find a story of larger purpose and meaning to breathe in and live out of. By studying the lives of four great American leaders:  Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dorothy Day and Martin Luther King, students will discover how these leaders exemplify these two principles and through them, discover their own language and their own story of leadership.

If you are a visitor and would like to follow the course along with the Team of 2004, please email the directors at paul@storywise.com  and we can issue you with a name and password. The course is open to all. If you are following the progress of the class of 2004, as mentor, host family, friend, peer mentor or a prospect for next year, and want to gain some insight into what they are reading and discussing in their course program, this is an ideal way to participate through a virtual learning community.

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