What's Next

What happens next?

WIP 2005 Interns attend an Internet training session.
WIP 2005 Interns attend a training session shortly after arriving in Washington, DC. Every Monday is Seminar Day at our Training Center. Are you ready to engage in vigorous debate and have your own ideas and beliefs challenged by the persuasiveness of others?

You will be contacted by email to confirm that your email application has been received. PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO ASK ABOUT THIS but also, please email us if you do not receive our message.

The closing date for 2007 applications is on Midnight USA time on February 19th 2007.


If you have been selected for an interview, you will be notified no later than February 28th, 2007.
(If you are not selected, you will receive email notification.)


The Belfast office will assign you a date and time for your personal and group interview. Interviews will begin the week of March 18th, 2007.

Interviews will be conducted between March 19th and March 28th, 2007. We will be interviewing in Belfast (At the Queens Student Union), Dublin (At DCU), in London (at Clifford Chance offices Canary Wharf) and Scotland, (at St. Andrews Careers Office).

The alumni section of this web site, wipan.org  will post a special page: How to Make the Most of Your Interview, to help candidates prepare. It is also a good idea to seek out any other alumni contacts-they are only too willing to help you.

On the eve of, or in the morning of the starting date for interviews at each venue, the program directors and alumni will run an information session that will give you specific information about the interview process. All interviewees must attend.

To learn what you need to know if you are offered a place on the program, click...


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