Is This for You?

Is this the Program for you?

WIP 2005 Interns at J.O. Wilson Elementary School
WIP 2005 Interns, host story time with children from the J.O. Wilson Elementary School in downtown Washington, DC. Can you picture yourself in this scene?

WIP Intern with Senator Hillary Clinton


WIP Intern, Sharon Haughey '03 with Senator Hillary Clinton, whose Senate office hosts one of our interns each year. Can you imagine yourself working in a Senate office?

Our mission statement will give you some clues as to what kind of candidate we are looking for.

The Washington-Ireland Program's mission is to

inspire, prepare and support

the next generation of leaders of post-conflict Ireland

to face the challenges of the future.

It achieves this by

  • Selecting promising third-level students from Northern Ireland and Ireland,
  • Training them to serve and to work as an effective leadership team,
  •  Building a trust between them that transcends sectarian boundaries,
  •  Celebrating the group's identity in diversity,
  • Challenging them to achieve professional and personal excellence,

  • Initiating them as WIP graduates into a wider alumni network that continues to lead through service

    all to better equip participants to build lasting  peace and progress for the island of Ireland.


Look at some of the key words in this statement:

LEADERSHIP XXXX Are you a leader? What type of leader? How do you lead? From the front or from behind the scenes? Can you also follow?
PROMISING   Do you have unfulfilled ambitions to lead and serve which the program can help you identify and support?
TEAM   Can you prove you work well with other people? Can you listen to others points of view? Can you bring a group together around a common purpose?
PROFESSIONAL   Can you work in a demanding professional office and uphold the highest standards of work and conduct?
TRUST   Are you reliable, a person of your word, someone others instinctively trust? Are you ready to build a trust that contributes to reconciliation in Northern Ireland and between North and South?
EXCELLENCE   Are you motivated by the consistent desire to do your very best?
SERVICE   Are you willing to research your own public service internship and commit 30 hours to complete it? Upon your return, are you prepared to commit 5 days to the team in the service of a community in need of your time and talents?
CELEBRATE   Do you have a sense of fun and adventure and a good sense of humor? Can you laugh at yourself? Can you relax and party?
WORK   Are you ready to work harder than you ever have before,-early starts, late finishes-as you enter the world of work in Washington, USA's Workaholic capital?
CHALLENGE   Are you willing to risk failure to achieve success? Can you deal with setbacks and frustrations? Do you want to test yourself in situations of pressure and potential conflict?

  Are you ready to tackle the issues about division and bigotry that still remain obstacles to progress in the North and to prosperity "for all" in the Republic?
BOUNDARIES   Are you willing to stretch the boundaries of your experience? Walk outside your comfort zones? Take risks?
DIVERSITY   Do you have an unusual talent, life experience, expertise, background or outlook that would enhance team diversity and enrich the learning pool of the team's life experience?
PEACE   Do you care about creating a lasting peace in Northern Ireland? In the world? Are you willing to do more than just talk about it?
PROGRESS   Are you personally invested in making your country more prosperous and just for all?

To be honest with you, this is not a program for everyone.

You need to convince us that you are ready for the challenge of a lifetime.

If you feel WIP is for you,
proceed to the application process.

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