If You Are Selected

If you are offered a Place on the Program

The WIP Class of 2005 departs from BWI airport
The class of 2005 departs from Baltimore-Washington International Airport where they are farewelled by their Host Families. Unlike other programs, WIP does not end when the program ends. The 320 members of our thriving Alumni Community continue the WIP mission. Are you ready to sign on to something that starts as a program but is growing into a professional alumni network working for progress and peace?

Here are some other things you need to know...

  • Successful applicants will be offered places by April 3rd 2007, and will have one day in which to accept. The Program officially begins with your acceptance and the first major event is the orientation weekend, held at Queens University April 13-15th 2007  in Belfast, which all must attend.
  • At that time, you will be required to sign a contract with the Washington-Ireland Program indicating that you will abide by all the rules of the program:
    • Attending all required program activities from April through September including Orientation, Re-Entry, 5 Day Team Project and Graduation-Alumni Induction weekend. Your eligibility for WIP is dependent on your total availability for these events, with no exceptions.
    • No dishonest or dishonorable conduct.
    • Complete the practical requirements of the program to the best of your ability and deliver quality work during your public service.
    • While in Washington, your contract binds you to:
      • Observing program curfews.
      • No under age drinking or abusive use of alcohol.
      • No behavior that would bring the program into disrepute.
      • Fitting in with your Host Family and treating them with respect.
      • Delivering quality work at your Work Placement.

    Failure to comply could mean a participant is immediately sent home at their own expense.

  • Your University/Faculty will be informed of your selection and may be asked to verify your academic information.
  • You will be required to have a physical examination by a physician and provide documentation to the program in Washington DC no later than May 7th 2007 that you are fully fit to participate.
  • What will it cost you?
    • Your total up-front costs are 550 sterling (or equivalent in Euro-cheques payable to The Washington-Ireland Program (WIP). 
    • Students who do not have the financial resources to cover the Program costs or their own personal expenses involved are encouraged to apply. Lack of means should never mean lack of opportunity. You may apply for financial assistance if you are accepted by the program and are eligible for the scholarship. Details will be available at the interview.
    • The money you pay covers all your major at-home program costs including:
      • Orientation weekend (April 13-15th 2007)
      • Team Community Project & Re-Entry Weekend (September 6-12th, 2007)
      • Graduation, Alumni AGM and Induction- Reunion (September 21-22nd, 2007)
      • Graduation Certificate
      • J1 Visa and application fees
      • Your health and travel insurance
      • WIP pays for all your other major program-related costs such as airfare and Training

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