WIP Class of 2006

Welcome to the WIP Team 2006. Click on photos or names for background info and Web Journals.

Michael Barry, WIP06
Michael Barry
Jo Black, WIP06
Jo Black
Peter Cardwell, WIP06
Peter Cardwell
Ian Collen, WIP06
Ian Collen
Reachbha Fitzgerald, WIP06
Reachbha Fitzgerald
Briege Fitzpatrick, WIP06
Briege Fitzpatrick
Neil Flanigan, WIP06
Neil Flanigan
Darina Flynn, WIP06
Darina Flynn
Frank Kennedy, WIP06
Frank Kennedy
Liam Killen, WIP06
Liam Killen
Sarah Lawn, WIP06
Sarah Lawn
Simon Lloyd-Lavery, WIP06
Simon Lloyd-Lavery
Amy Maguire, WIP06
Amy Maguire
Justin McAleese, WIP06
Justin McAleese
Debbie McCague, WIP06
Debbie McCague
Eoin McHugh, WIP06
Eoin McHugh
Paul McNickle, WIP06
Paul McNickle
Clare McQuillan, WIP06
Clare McQuillan
Karina Moore, WIP06
Karina Moore
Lisa Oates, WIP06
Lisa Oates
Eoghan OhArgain, WIP06
Eoghan OhArgain
John Robinson, WIP06
John Robinson
Noel Rock, WIP06
Noel Rock
Amy Stewart, WIP06
Amy Stewart
Ed Tobin, WIP06
Ed Tobin
Leah Yeung, WIP06
Leah Yeung

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