WIP Class of 2004

The Class of 2004 on the steps of the U.S. Capitol

The table below lists the Class of 2004 along with their summer intern placements.  To access a Web Journal, click on the Intern's name or photo.


"The Courage to Change; the Strength to Succeed"

Roger Busby
Roger is at Queens doing IT Management and in 4th year.
Summer Placement:
The Library of Congress handles issues of copyright, intellectual property, collection and preservation. They are constructing a database concerning rights clearance.
Cliona Casserly
Cliona is at DCU Dublin City University and doing Science in Final year.
Summer Placement: (Also interning is Andrew Rutherford)


Two internships. Ideally, an intern would have a background in one of the biological sciences (or math or computer science for the computer based studies) and an interest in studying breast (or any other) cancer. We take both skilled and unskilled interns.
Jonathan Chesney
Jon is at Queens Uni Belfast doing Law second year.
Summer Placement:

Intern will work for the Legislative Director and Special Counsel. Must have a "right political leaning."
Charlene Connolly
Charlene is at DCU doing Journalism in her 2nd year.
Summer Placement:
U.S. Conference of Mayors
The United States Conference of Mayors is the official nonpartisan organization of cities with populations of 30,000 or more. There are about 1,100 such cities in the country today. Each city is represented in the Conference by its chief elected official, the mayor. Intern will be involved in a variety of issues and projects.
2003: Terry McGuinness  "The USCM is a lobbying group that looks out for Mayoral and city issues in legislation going before Congress. I went to the Hill twice to help report on hearings and researched and presented a 20-page paper on sustainability and U.S. cities. ...a perspective of D.C. politics you might not get on the Hill.
2002: Anja Friedrich
2001: Andrea Erskine
Sean Cox
Sean is at Queens in final year doing Computer Engineering.
Summer Placement:

Management Concepts
Offers results-oriented training and publications in Management, Financial Management, Acquisition and Contracting, Grants and Assistance, Program Management, and Project Management. Excellent opportunity for an Intern with business/marketing concentration. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office, able to work with numbers and have good organization skills.
2003: Rowena Gray "Fantastic office, friendly...got to meet president of company and directors of different departments (and to) understand how the the industry works."
2002: Eamon McHugh
Padraigin Creen
Padraigin is at Trinity TCD and doing Law in 3rd year.
Summer Placement:
U.S. Department of Energy
Strong legal/legislative internship. Intern tracks bills through Congress and reviews proposed legislation. Candidate works for the assistant general counsel for legislation.
2003: Eoin O'Connor  "I would recommend the placement highly....learned a huge amount about office life...It¹s a great office with really nice staff and great legal experience...."
2002: James Morrison
2001: Emer O’Flaherty
2000: John Devaney
Kerry Anne Currie
Kerry Anne is at Queens doing French/Law and in 4th year
Summer Placement:
U.S. Representative Peter King
A member of the House of Representatives from NY in his 5th term. Interns are exposed to a number of great experiences! They can attend hearings, press conferences, see congress in action. Interns in writing letters to constituents, attend hearings, assist with filing, etc.
2003: Liam Reilly  "The most fantastic experience of my life, the Congressman and staff are great. Researched bills, filed, sent mail, drafted letter, went to meetings and gave tours. If you show the initiative, you will get the rewards. It gave me a whole new insight into Amer. culture and society and reaffirmed my ambition to get into Irish politics."
2002: Joseph George
2001: Jonathan Small
2000: Niall Fox
Maria Curry
Maria is UU Communications, Advertising and Marketing and third year.
Summer Placement:

Northern Ireland Bureau
The intern will assist the diplomatic staff in an embassy-type role. He/she will prepare papers, organize functions, and must feel comfortable among diplomatic professionals and senior U.S. officers. The work will be in a new unit that represents a new beginning for Northern Ireland in a U.S. context. In 2003 intern worked on two newsletters - one for N. Ireland and one for U.S. Also worked on PowerPoint databank of N.I. government departments.
2003: Michaela Smyth
Emma Little
2001: Pauline Fee
2000: Aisling McKenna
Fiona Duggan
Fiona is at UCC Cork in her 2nd year doing a BA in English and History.
Summer Placement:
U.S. Representative James Walsh
Rep. From New York. Interns will respond to constituent requests, assist the member on specific projects, attend briefings and hearings. We are open to intern’s interests—we have a learning process with everyone.
2003: Seamus Carey  In 2003 job included "...writing constituent letter responses, research projects, answering phones, meeting dignitaries, helping give Congressional tours...all great fun ... nice and friendly Congressman and overall great experience."
2002: Peter Munce
2001: Angela Flanagan
2000: Adam Gadd
Rachel Finlay
Rachel is UU Magee doing International Studies and currently VP of Student Union of UU.
Summer Placement:
Vietnam Veterans of America
Focus on public education. Our mission is to spread info about landmines and their destruction. Intern would assist spokesperson in gathering info, create fact sheets, handle media inquiries. Enthusiasm, belief in human rights.
2003: Anne-marie Coonan  "...they are a truly inspiring group of people. I don¹t know where else you would get that mix of realistic optimism. Valuable because it made me think of my place in the world and reaffirmed that if you do what you think is right you will live a good life. Work included everything from scut work to business plans. Large amount of professional fundraising. Worked with photos, publishers and editors...random conversations about the world. Skills: computer (publishing)...accountancy, writing response letters, phone manners."
2002: Kara Humphreys
2001: Sarah Therese Quinlan
Conor Gadd
Conor is at Edinburgh University, Scotland and doing first year History.
Summer Placement:
U.S. Representative Joseph Crowley
Representative from New York. Interns attend hearings, research, attend briefings, write constituent mail and general office assistance. Need great interpersonal skills.
2003: Christopher Sheldon  "...excellent... work involved organizing the Congressional Forum, press releases, constituents letters, research, giving Congressional tours, answering the phone, sorting mail and going to hearings and briefings and writing reports on them...people in Crowley¹s office were all fantastic and the Congressman was excellent."
David Hughes
2001: Mary Morgan
2000: Emer Currie
Conor Gibson
Conor is at University of Liverpool and doing 2nd year year History & Politics.
Summer Placement:

Opened in April 2003, the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver Spring, Maryland, offers a year-round program of the best in American and international cinema, featuring an eclectic mix of festivals, premieres, retrospectives, special events, tributes, on-stage guest appearances and education programs.
James Groves
James is at Oxford in third year doing history.
Summer Placement:
U.S. Representative E. Clay Shaw, Jr.
Republican, Florida. The 2003 intern answered constituent mail, wrote speeches, attended seminars/hearings, stuffed envelopes, faxed and sorted mail.
2003: Andrew McCann "The amount of work given was directly proportional to level of interest shown. Valuable experience: improved knowledge of American politics and the political system. Great place to have interned..."
Karen Kennedy
Karen is at Trinity TCD and doing Communications and in 4th year.
Summer Placement:
U.S. Department of Education Office of Non-public Education
Liaison to the private school community in the U.S. Intern should have an interest in education policy at Federal level. Intern may help to develop a brochure or other literature and may attend seminars.
2002: Colin Andrews
2001: Nicola McComb
2000: Niamh McCourt
Helena Macormac
Helena is at Queens doing Law /Politics in Second Year.
Summer Placement:
U.S. Representative Jack Quinn
Rep. the 30th district of New York. We provide constituent services as related to federal services. Interns attend committee hearings, brief staff members, conduct tours of the capitol, provide general clerical assistance. Intern needs good time management a good sense of humor!
2003: Lyndsey Buchanan "...excellent², very relaxed. The interns are given quite a lot of responsibility yet they are left up to their own devices. Work included talking to constituents, researching bills and drafting constituent letters and giving tours of Congress in various languages. New skills: public relations, research, workings of American governmental system. ...great office, great Congressman and plenty to keep you occupied
2002: Mark Finan
2001: Elaine Dunne
2000: Leo Varadkar
Andre McClean
Andre is at Trinity TCD and studying Law in final year.
Summer Placement:

International Finance Corp. / WORLD BANK
This is the private sector investment arm of the World Bank, promoting private sector investment in developing countries. Intern would assist in preparation of annual report. He/she will learn about our investment activities throughout the world and gain exposure to the political issues. A good position for an intern who is strong in business and international relations.
2003: Shona Hurpaul
Declan Heery
Alastair Sinclair
Paddy Graham
Vanessa McGee
Vanessa is at UU and doing Media Design in her 4th year.
Summer Placement:
Richfield Productions
A full service video, film and new media production company. Intern will gain experience in all aspects of production, marketing, and day-to-day office management.
2003: Rory Kelly  "...simply amazing...From the minute I arrived until I left I was made to feel part of the team. My duties were regularly changed as the guys allow you to do more as they train you. I was mostly working on productions. ....now I feel I could tackle my own productions. This placement is nothing short of fantastic! After my internship, I feel very grounded in what I want to achieve professionally."
2002: Michelle Magennis
2001: Ursula Devine
2000: Diane Compton
Kevin McNamee
Kevin is UU Belfast and doing Irish and British Studies in his first year.
Summer Placement:

Habitat for Humanity
HFHI seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. Habitat has built more than 150,000 houses around the world, providing more than 750,000 people in more than 3,000 communities with safe, decent, affordable shelter.
2002: Leanne Quigg
2001: Gillian Watson
2000: Jennifer Hampton
Eve Bremner
Jonathan Graham
Anna McLoughlin
Anna is at St Andrews doing History in 3rd year.
Summer Placement:
U.S. Representative Donald Payne
Rep. from New Jersey, works on education and the workforce and International Relations.
2003: Jude Bunting  "loved it... drafted speeches, Congressional reports, letter to Colin Powell, letters to constituents... great work, got on really well with all the people... Skills: speechwriting, teamwork."
Ronan Lyons
2001: Tristen Kelso
2000: Kevin Carlin
Jonathan Moore
Jonathan is at Trinity TCD and doing Natural Science and in second year.
Summer Placement:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agencyour part of EPA surveys nearly 20,000 companies that generate, treat or transport hazardous waste. An intern would be assigned to a specific report or publication and might be asked to help research new desktop analytical software. Interns are encouraged to "shadow" senior staff.
Claire Devlin (class of 2002)
Christopher Johnston (Class of 2001)
Sabrina McCarron (Class of 2000)
Orla Leonard (class of 1999)
Sarah Darrah (class of 1998)

Maria McKeown (class of 1998)
Bryan O'Connell
Bryan is at University College Dublin (UCD) in final year of Actuarial Studies.
Summer Placement:
Hillary Clinton
Senator from New York state and former First Lady. The Intern will provide administrative support for legislative staff, research, and constituent outreach.
2003: Sharon Haughey "...research for Sen. Clinton¹s speeches and media interviews - tours, phones, letter writing, date entry, escorting the Senator, attending hearings, briefings and press conferences - but mainly research."
Catherine Duggan
2001: Brian Koelmeyer
Matthew O'Toole
Matthew is at St. Andrew's Scotland and doing International Relations in 3rd year.
Summer Placement:
Senator from North Dakota. U.S. Intern quote: "The highlight, for me, was meeting the President and First Lady. But also, I really enjoyed learning more about the federal government and having the opportunity to actively participate in the issues that interest me most." -- Brad, Fargo, ND.
Anne-Marie Phelan
Anne Marie is at Irish Academy of Music and studying Music Education and in her final year.
Summer Placement:
Susan Davis International
A full-service PR agency. Most of our clients come from the non-profit sector. Intern would gain hands-on experience and honest look at inner workings of a PR agency. Intern must be communicative, open to constructive criticism and a team player.
2003: Carrie Tighe  "My work placement was great and I learned...about political public relations. Projects varied by day: general office administration, lots of research, press clippings, media lists, press releases, data gathering, etc. Susan invests heavily in her internship program and you can learn a lot. Great opportunities. Chance of a lifetime! Made great friends and contacts."
2002: Aideen McGaughey
2001: Eamon Devlin
Ciara Phillips
Ciara is at UU doing Communications Second Year.
Summer Placement:

Intern will archive and organize historical papers, articles, etc. for the battered women¹s movement, assist in conference planning and perform minor clerical and administrative support to the managing attorney. Candidate should have knowledge of violence against women issues, organizational and interpersonal skills, and computer literacy.
David Russell
David is at NUI Galway doing English and History.
Summer Placement:

Bethesda Academy of Performing Arts-Imagination Stage (new)
Imagination Stage is the largest and most respected multi-disciplinary theatre arts organization for young people in the region. Our season of professional shows for families, and quality year round classes, performance opportunities, and school outreach programs for young people are informed by our mission to make the arts inclusive and totally accessible to all children regardless of their physical, cognitive or financial status.
Andrew Rutherford
Andrew is at Kings College London doing medicine in 3rd year.
Summer Placement: (Also interning here is Cliona Casserly


Possibility of two internships. Ideally, an intern would have a background in one of the biological sciences (or math or computer science for the computer based studies) and an interest in studying breast (or any other) cancer. We take both skilled and unskilled interns.
Jacqueline Taaffe
Jacqueline is UU Magee doing Law/Politics and in third year.
Summer Placement:

The Library of Congress handles issues of copyright, intellectual property, collection and preservation.
Brendan Wallace
Brendan is at UCD and doing Business and Law and in first year.
Summer Placement:

Freddie Mac
When Congress created Freddie Mac's charter in 1970, it set a clear mission for us: stabilize the nation's mortgage markets and expand opportunities for homeownership and affordable rental housing. Intern may work in debt marketing or investor relations area with international emphasis.
2003: Ross Gillanders "Professional work in a professional environment."
Claire Walshe
Claire is at Queens doing Law in 2nd year.
Summer Placement:

The DC Multi door Dispute Resolution Division
of the DC Superior Court
. The intern will work with Neglect and Abuse Mediation (for families and Children); Family Mediation Child Support issues etc.; and Civil Mediation-Community Service and Complaints. The intern will be engaged in a variety of tasks and help interview clients, and make referrals and learn the process of mediation by sitting on mediation sessions and meeting with the Judges on various cases and issues. In 2003, the intern worked for the division director, organized seminars, edited, wrote for newsletter, observed mediation and trials.
2003: Emma Stewart
Bilal Zahid
Bilal is at St Andrews in first year doing Psychology and Philosophy.
Summer Placement:

NCTAF is a non-profit organization that conducts research and develops policy recommendations on teaching quality issues.


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