Young Leaders Class of 2002

Young Leaders 2002

The table below lists the class of 2002 along with their summer placements (interns from past years are also listed). Young Leader Names are linked to Web Journals where they record their experiences during their stay in Washington, DC.

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Young Leader
Summer Intern Placement
Colin Andrews Dept. of Education Office of Non-public Education—a liaison to the private school community in the U.S. Intern will be involved in activities like researching a topic of importance to private schools, assisting with planning our annual conference, crafting responses to letters, attending meetings.
Nicola McComb (class of 2001)
Niamh McCourt (Class of 2000)
Chris Brown Hart Researcha national public opinion polling firm for a variety of clients from labor unions to NBC news. The office is so dynamic, there is always something to do. We offer interns an inside view of survey research, especially as it pertains to American political campaigns and public and media relations.
Alan Patrick O’Sullivan (class of 2001)
Colin Riordan (Class of 2000)
Hugh Collins

National Council on the Aginga private, non-profit organization, which serves as a resource for information, training, technical assistance, advocacy, and leadership in all aspects of aging.

Stephen Crawford Montgomery County Business Roundtabledeveloped with the primary goal of creating a new model of educational excellence for all students.
Lesley-Anne Denvir CBS News
Claire Devlin Environmental Protection Agencyour part of EPA surveys nearly 20,000 companies that generate, treat or transport hazardous waste. An intern would be assigned to a specific report or publication and might be asked to help research new desktop analytical software. Interns are encouraged to "shadow" senior staff.
Christopher Johnston Class of 2001)
Sabrina McCarron (Class of 2000)
Catherine Duggan Sen. Hillary Clinton—Senator from New York state and former First Lady.
Brian Koelmeyer (class of 2001)
Mark Finan Rep. Jack Quinn—Rep. the 30th district of New York. We provide constituent services as related to federal services. Interns attend committee hearings, brief staff members, conduct tours of the capitol, provide general clerical assistance. Intern needs good time management a good sense of humor!
Elaine Dunne (class of 2001)
Anja Friedrich U.S. Conference of MayorsThe United States Conference of Mayors is the official nonpartisan organization of cities with populations of 30,000 or more. There are about 1,100 such cities in the country today. Each city is represented in the Conference by its chief elected official, the mayor. Intern will be involved in a variety of issues and projects.
Andrea Erskine (class of 2001)
Joseph George Rep. Peter Kinga member of the House of Representatives from NY in his 5th term. Interns are exposed to a number of great experiences! They can attend hearings, press conferences, see congress in action. Interns in writing letters to constituents, attend hearings, assist with filing, etc.
Jonathan Small (class of 2001)
Niall Fox (Class of 2000)
Declan Heery International Finance Corp. IFC—the private sector investment arm of the World Bank, promoting private sector investment in developing countries. Intern would assist in preparation of annual report. He/she will learn about our investment activities throughout the world and gain exposure to the political issues.
Alastair Sinclair (class of 2001)
Paddy Graham (Class of 2000)
David Hughes Rep. Joe Crowley—Representative from New York. Interns attend hearings, research, attend briefings, write constituent mail and general office assistance. Need great interpersonal skills.
Mary Morgan (class of 2001)
Emer Currie (Class of 2000)
Kara Humphreys Viet Nam Veterans of America Foundation Communications Dept.—Focus on public education. Our mission is to spread info about landmines and their destruction. Intern would assist spokesperson in gathering info, create fact sheets, handle media inquiries. Enthusiasm, belief in human rights.
Sarah Therese Quinlan (class of 2001)
Aideen Keenan Battelle—a non-profit research company that also operates 4 labs for the Dept. of Energy. Intern will work in External Relations office and will attend and write reports on Congressional hearings, press briefings, etc. Interns are treated as full members of our staff.
Lisa Mulgrew (class of 2001)
Emma Little Northern Ireland Bureau—The intern will assist the diplomatic staff in an embassy-type role. He/she will prepare papers, organize functions, and must feel comfortable among diplomatic professionals and senior U.S. officers.The work will be in a new unit that represents a new beginning for Northern Ireland in a U.S. context.
Pauline Fee (class of 2001)
Ronan Lyons Rep. Donald Payne—Rep. from New Jersey, works on education and the workforce and International Relations.
Tristen Kelso (class of 2001)
Chris Lyttle Coalition to Stop Gun Violencea national grass-roots organization fostering national and local action to stop gun violence. Intern would assist staff in monitoring legislation, developing lobbying materials, conduct research, help organize events. It is a great opportunity to see the inner workings of grassroots lobbying in Washington.
Katherine Twamley (class of 2001)
Jonathan Kerr (Class of 2000)
Michelle Magennis Richfield Productionsfull service video, film and new media production company. Intern will gain experience in all aspects of production, marketing, and day-to-day office management.
Ursula Devine (Class of 2001)
Diane Compton (Class of 2000)
Aideen McGaughey Susan Davis Internationala full-service PR agency. Most of our clients come from the non-profit sector. Intern would gain hands-on experience and honest look at inner workings of a PR agency. Intern must be communicative, open to constructive criticism and a team player.
Eamon Devlin (Class of 2001)
Eamon McHugh Management Conceptsoffers results-oriented training and publications in Management, Financial Management, Acquisition and Contracting, Grants and Assistance, Program Management, and Project Management.
Sarah McKeown Street Law, Inc.--Street Law is practical, participatory education about law, democracy and human rights. Through its philosophy and programs, Street Law empowers people to transform democratic ideals into citizen action.
Diane Halley (class of 2001)
John Mackell (Class of 2000)
James Morrison Dept. of Energy, Gen. CounselGen. Counsel is chief legal office for the U.S. Dept. of Energy. (A wide range of opportunity is available here—this is a new staff with the new administration, so the intern can shape own experience. Enthusiastic about getting an intern.)
Emer O’Flaherty (class of 2001)
John Devaney (Class of 2000)
Peter Munce Rep. James Walsh—Rep. From New York. Interns will respond to constituent requests, assist the member on specific projects, attend briefings and hearings. We are open to intern’s interests—we have a learning process with everyone.
Angela Flanagan (class of 2001)
Adam Gadd (Class of 2000)
Corrine Norris Vital Voices—The Development Gateway is an interactive portal for information and knowledge sharing on sustainable development and poverty reduction.
Laoise O'Connell Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers—a service organization that helps improve BAC members' quality of life — both on and off the job — through access to well-paying jobs and quality benefits, and by building solidarity and support among all BAC members.
Leanne Quigg Habitat for Humanity—Washington office helps build relations and partnerships with other organizations. We allow our intern to take their interests and needs and let them for a project on their own. Interns in our office are part of our team and have the opportunity to participate more than most other positions.
Gillian Watson (class of 2001)
Jennifer Hampton (Class of 2000)
Richard Scannell Rep. Richard Neal—Representative from Massachusetts. Everyone on staff assists the Congressman with his legislative agendas. Interns will assist with researching legislation, attending committee meetings, conducting capitol tours, answering phones and general errands.
Conor Magowan (class of 2001)
Brenda McConville (Class of 2000)
Anthony Sloan Young Leaders Office
Diarmuid Cahill (Class of 2001)
Kathryn Walls (Class of 2001)
Claire Stirrup Rep. John Dingell—Representative from Michigan. Intern would do administrative work such as opening mail, answering phones; legislative work such as writing constituent letters, attending briefings and press work such as writing press releases.
Kieran McCartan (class of 2001)
Katherine Twamley Young Leaders Office
Diarmuid Cahill (Class of 2001)
Kathryn Walls (Class of 2001)
Michael Woods Senator Bill Nelson—Senator from Florida (Democrat).

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