Class of '99

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The following is a list of Young Leaders who participated in the 1999 program along with their summer placements.

Each Young Leader's name is linked to a personal Journal Page which can be viewed by clicking on his or her name.


William Boyd
Bricklayers and
Allied Crafts Workers

Pamela Brannagan
University of Maryland

Mealla Bratton
Center for Policy Alternatives

Eve Bremner
Habitat for Humanity

Anselm Burke
Richfield Productions

Grainne Creaney
DOT, Office of Public Affairs

Neil Crossey
The Hill

Neil Donnelly
Special Placement

Simon Doyle
Rep. Joseph Crowley
Office of Press Secretary

Conor Gannon
White House

Barry Gibson
Dept. of Labor

Noel Griffin
Young Leaders office

Patricia Hickey
Washington Interface Network

Jonathan Hill
Rep. Mike Oxley

Julianne Jennett
Rep. Ben Gilman
International Relations Comm.

Angeline King
Project Children Office

Claire Kirk
Young Leaders office


Orla Leonard
Environmental Protection Agency

Grainia Long
Democratic Governors Association

Helen Macauley
Rep. Anna Eshoo

Emma Mackey
Rep. Ed Markey

Kirsty Mairs
Sen. Chris Dodd

Anna Marie McAlinden
Rep. John Dingell

Sinead McCarroll
Shrum Devine Donilon

Kelan McClelland

Jonathan McCready
Rep. Billy Tauzin

Timothy Millar
Rep. Ron Wyden

Patrick Mulroe
Street Law Institute

Jeff O’Boyle
Sen. Kennedy

Martin Reilly
Rep. Jim Walsh

Aidan Rodgers
DOT, Consumer Affairs

Sean Rooney
Rep. Peter King

Neil Smyth
Rep. Richard Neal

Sharon Wallace
White House

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